Sad news

We are so sorry to hear that Bill Turnbull, the broadcaster and Suffolk resident, has died. He was so friendly when he helped us launch 2021 Suffolk Churches Ride and Stride. Even in the midst of treatment for cancer he wouldn’t let us down. We ended up raising £210k in one day and it was in a huge part to the publicity he gave us by attending the launch at St John’s church in Badingham. He was a real gentleman.

Bill Turnbull

Bill said at the time: “This is a very good cause, and it combines two of the things that Suffolk should be proud of – countryside that people can cycle around and terrific churches. Churches need the help and it’s a fun way to raise funds.  I’m not in the position to cycle at the moment but, as soon as I can, I’m going to get on a bike and do it myself. It gets people out in the fresh air and, fingers crossed, it will be a lovely day ..and people will learn a lot too.”

We also heard that our long-time supporter, 100 year old cyclist Norman Gregory has died recently.

Norman Gregory and Norman Kelly in 2021

“I have been taking part for thirteen or fourteen years,” explained 99-year-old Norman Gregory. “I cycle with my friend Norman Kelly, and we raised £4,500 this year, cycled 35 miles, and visited 12 churches. The sponsor money is for the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust and St Peters church in Cockfield, where I live. In total in 2020, I cycled 5,000 miles but this year it is only about 200 so far – but I have had a bit of bike trouble!”

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