Our oldest cyclist?

Norman Gregory and Norman Kelly

The oldest cyclist taking part in the annual Suffolk Churches Ride and Stride fundraising event is delighted to hear the total raised by the one-day event held in September 2020 was £175,000, the highest total for ten years.

“I have been taking part for thirteen or fourteen years,” explained 99-year-old Norman Gregory. “I cycle with my friend Norman Kelly, and we raised £4,500 this year, cycled 35 miles, and visited 12 churches. The sponsor money is for the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust and St Peters church in Cockfield, where I live. In total in 2020, I cycled 5,000 miles but this year it is only about 200 so far – but I have had a bit of bike trouble!”

The super-cyclist is one of hundreds of cyclists and walkers who choose their route around churches, on Ride and Stride Day on the second Saturday in September each year. Half the money raised goes to their chosen church or chapel, and half to the Trust which organises the event and distributes grants to help with church and chapel building repairs and improvements. 

“Having carefully considered the threat of Covid, we resolved to go ahead with Ride and Stride event last year, following government guidelines and strict social distancing,” said Patrick Grieve, the chairman of Suffolk Churches Ride and Stride.  “Most churches decided to open, although some were not manned. The response was amazing. Cycling and walking in the Suffolk countryside appealed to many and we raised the most amount for ten years. My thanks to all who opened churches, rode, walked and to those who generously sponsored them.“

The sister event, Pedal and Drive, for historic and vintage cars, raised £14,000 on the same day. 

“Well done the intrepid drivers, and a big thank you for their generosity too’’ said Geoffrey Probert SHCT Chairman and the organiser of Pedal & Drive. “All in all, a bumper year and one which will be welcomed by the churches who perforce have been closed for long periods with a resulting impact on their church plate. Of course, all the money raised will help us offset some of that by allowing the Trust to step up our grant aid for the upkeep of Suffolk’s wonderful legacy of churches and chapels.”

The next Suffolk Churches Ride and Stride, and Pedal & Drive events will be held on Saturday 11th September 2021. Details can be found on the Trust website http://www.shct.org.uk


Congratulations to eleven Suffolk Churches.

At its January 2021 meeting the Grants Committee made the following grants-

St Mary le Tower church in Ipswich (photo provided by Simon Knot, http://www.suffolkchurches.co.uk

1 Somersham, St Mary £3,000

2 Homersfield, St Mary £9,000

3 Haughley, St Mary £1,000

4 Onehouse, St John the Baptist £750

5 Oakley, St Nicholas £6,000

6 Sibton, St Peter £3,000

7 Nettlestead, St Mary £10,750

8 Ipswich, St Mary le Tower £1,000

9 Stradbroke, All Saints £500

10 Combs, St Mary £2,500

11 Snape, St John the Baptist £5,000

(Total £42,500)

Churches and Chapels in Suffolk are welcome to apply for grants. Details are on this website.

Abbey 1000 Celebrations in Bury St Edmunds Postponed until 2022

Thursday 21 January 2021

Abbey 1000 Celebrations in Bury St Edmunds Postponed until 2022

In light of the continuing uncertainty around the global pandemic, the Abbey 1000 Group has taken the decision to postpone all of the events planned for the 1,000th anniversary of the founding of the Abbey of St Edmund until 2022.

Chairman Libby Ranzetta said the Abbey 1000 Group had taken the decision to postpone the celebratory events again so that the group could hopefully provide a full programme of events in 2022. 

She said: “At this time there is a lot of uncertainty around when the current national lockdown will end and what Government restrictions and guidance will be in place afterwards which made the planning of events, which were due to start in April, very difficult. It has become increasingly clear that we could not hold the full programme in 2021 and we want the year to have a celebratory feel which is just not possible at present.  

“There is good reason to be optimistic that 2022 will be much better with vaccines and treatments for Covid being rolled out and we are looking forward to putting on an even more exciting programme of events that everyone can enjoy.”

A new idea for our supporters

Churches and Chapels Chat….

The Trust Chairman, Geoffrey Probert, has proposed the idea of a fortnightly e-newsletter to give our members and supporters a spot of cheer and help us keep in touch, while we can’t meet up and hold events.  The Trustees are taking it in turn to create an email with links to their favourite church music, buildings, books etc which we hope you will enjoy.  Any Trust news will be included too. 

If you are a supporter of Suffolk Historic Churches Trust or have become a ‘Friend” please send us your email contact address, if we don’t have it, so you too can receive our ‘Churches and Chapels Chat’. 

More stories are coming in from Ride and Stride day….

This year the Suffolk Churches Ride and Stride event, organised by Suffolk Historic Churches Trust, welcomed many new participants, keen to put their enthusiasm for cycling and walking to a good cause, after many lockdown weeks. 

New to the event this year were also many runners who, having had their usual events cancelled, were keen to get involved. 

Bill Hill from Brockley, who works for a charity, usually runs with the Vegan Runners, a national group, and has competed in in ultra-marathons, marathons, half-marathons and 10km races.

“During lockdown I decided to plan my daily run via different churches, as they are so interesting. Most are a real heartbeat of their community. Some are located right in the middle of a village and others, like Lavenham, have a position high on a hill.” he explained. “My parents are members of St Andrews Church in Brockley and Itook part in the annual Ride and Stride as a child, but assumed that too would be cancelled because of Covid. When I heard it was to go ahead, I decided to see how many churches I could run to in the eight hours of the event.  I studied maps, planned my route, and managed to visit 41 churches, running 45 miles!”

Some of Bill’s sponsors made a donation while others paid per church, but he did warn them of his target of 45 churches, a target he only just missed. With his epic run, Bill raised £750, with half going to Suffolk Historic Churches Trust and half to St Andrews church, Brockley. He plans to take part in Ride and Stride again next year.

“I am going to plan my route carefully and really study the maps so I don’t have to double back at all, then I should be able to beat this year’s tally.” Perhaps I can run 50 miles and visit even more churches!”

Thank you very much Bill for your support. 

Perhaps other runners would like to see if they can equal, or even beat, Bill’s target in 2021….

Bill Hill on one of his usual runs!

Ride and Stride 2020 photography competition

Thank you very much for everyone who took the time to enter our first ever Ride and Stride photography comnpetition. There were some great entries and it is an idea that we will repeat next year. Several people have commented that it was great fun and added something to the day.

Our independent judge (a churchwarden/keen amateur photographer ) was impressed by the standard of many of the photos and it proved difficult to choose an overall winner. However, it is the Britten family who cycled around the Long Melford area who have been declared the winners for 2020. They were raising money for the Trust and for Haverhill Methodist Church. They visited 31 churches, cycled 35 miles and raised £238 (‘so far’!).

Our winners for the 2020 photography competition.

The prize is a £100 book token, kindly donated by a Trust supporter.

Let’s look at some more of our intrepid photographers!

Thank you…..

Car meets cyclists! (Photo by Martin Males)

We were blessed with sunny weather and everyone involved enjoyed doing their bit to raise money for the upkeep of Suffolk’s glorious legacy of churches and chapels. Our legion of loyal amateur cyclists were joined this year by some pro’s from the cycling clubs, by people walking from church to church and by a flotilla of vintage and classic cars on a mystery church tour and quiz. We had carefully risk assessed every aspect of the day to make this a covid secure event and everywhere I went I was glad to see people were observing the rules on social distancing and so on. Thank you very much to everyone who got involved whether it was total part on foot, bike or motor vehicle, as one of our volunteer organisers in the community, or by sitting outside a church to welcome and thank people. We will announce the total raised as soon as all the sponsor money and donations are in. We hope that for next year’s Suffolk Churches Ride and Stride, and Pedal & Drive, (Saturday 11 September) normal service will have resumed! Thank you again.

Geoffrey Probert, Chairman, Suffolk Historic Churches Trust.

Exciting News

New for 2020, we are having a photography competition for walkers, riders and runners, for the photos they take as they head around their chosen route in Suffolk. Thanks to a generous donation, the prize is a £100 voucher. Full details will be announced on Saturday 5th September.

To take part in our photography compeitition click here for more details:


In addition, we have a family quiz for those touring Ipswich town centre churches, on foot or on bikes. Prize – £50 voucher. Full details to be announced on Saturday 5 September. 

Riding and striding around Ipswich? click here to take part in our quiz: SHCT Family quiz 2020 IPSWICH