Halesworth, St Mary IP19 8LL

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It was as part of the Trust’s 50th Anniversary activities in 2023 that we decided to assemble as many of the guides to Suffolk’s glorious legacy of churches as we could find - as a repository for scholars and indeed anyone with an interest in church buildings.

In so doing we were conscious that many of them are amongst the last copies of an old print run and in danger of being lost forever. In each case we have tried to trace the author or their family to seek their permission to post the guide on this website either directly or via the PCC of the church in question. Where we have failed we apologise unreservedly and will of course take down any guide where the author or their heir in title surfaces and objects to his/her guide being included. It should be noted that the Trust makes no financial gain whatsoever from this exercise, but we do hope this site will help draw visitors (and their purses!) to the churches.

If reading one of these Guides stimulates you to visit the church, as we hope in many cases it will, do please buy a hard copy when you visit as for some churches the sale of the Guides is the material source of revenue and all of them need any income they can raise.

Finally we should pay tribute to those who took such painstaking care in their time to write these guides. Some of the authors were amateur antiquarians and many are eminent scholars. We salute you!