Ride and Stride

We raised £205,000 on the 2021 Ride and Stride Day (Saturday, 11 September). Thank you!!!

We have launched Suffolk Churches Ride and Stride 2022!

The date is Saturday 10th September.

The rapper and music producer Curtis Blanc, from the International Church, in Ipswich, launched Suffolk Churches Ride and Stride 2022, at his church in the town centre, along with his Pastor, and our team, the morning. His church is taking part for the first time.

In the afternoon we were at St Mary’s, Pakenham to launch Pedal & Drive as well!

For details of the launch: https://shct.org.uk/blog/


Details to be announced.



You can download below the sponsorship paperwork and a full list of churches and chapels that are expected to be open. 

The Ride and Stride’s sister event, the Pedal and Drive for vintage and classic cars, is held on the same day.  Please open the Pedal and Drive tab on the website for more details of this event.   

This year, 2022, some churches may not be open for Ride and Stride, and churches that usually offer refreshments may decide not to do so, but riders and walkers can log the name of the church visited themselves, if it’s unattended. Some other churches that have not been open in recent years are now open again in 2022.

JUSTGIVING:  Click here to enter the Suffolk Churches Ride and Stride 2022 page on the JustGiving website, where you can log into your account and donate.  If you’re unfamiliar with JustGiving, it is easy to set up your own online JustGiving page by selecting ‘Sign up’ on the top right of the page and entering the details requested.  Please ensure that the place of worship you wish to benefit is clearly specified.

Our churches and chapels need our help more than ever this year, so please support this vital annual event.  Half your sponsorship money will go to the Trust to be given in grants for church repairs, and half will go to the church of your choosing.

Team Lidgate, who’ve cycled together every year since 2005 (here at Denston church)


The Annual Sponsored Ride and Stride is a national event, and every second Saturday in September cyclists and walkers all round the country are out making money for their local county Churches Trust.

The idea started in Suffolk, and consistently Suffolk has headed the table of funds raised.  The Ride and Stride is the main source of income to Suffolk Historic Churches Trust to enable it to make grants to churches and chapels of all denominations towards repair and restoration costs.

Ride and Stride is run entirely by volunteers and is inter-denominational, with participants sponsored for each place of worship visited between 9.00am and 5.00pm on Ride and Stride Day or with a donation, regardless of the number of churches visited.

The money raised by each cyclist or walker is shared equally between the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust and the place of worship nominated by the participant.

As important as the participants are the many volunteers who give up the day to man the churches and chapels and sign in the cyclists and walkers as they arrive.  Hundreds of places of worship are manned during the day and that takes quite a team of volunteers!  It is a real community effort that is the lifeblood of the Trust.


1A        Suffolk has been split into a number of areas, each with its Ride and Stride Area Organiser, and each parish has its own Local Organiser, who will be able to supply the necessary forms.  Your local church or chapel should have details of your own Area Organiser, who can put you in touch with the Local Organiser looking after your place of worship.  If you need further assistance, please telephone or email the SHCT office – 01787 883884    shct@btconnect.com

…..  or

1B        Download the list of churches open and the sponsorship form by clicking on these links:

(Churches open list 2022 https://shctorguk.files.wordpress.com/2022/06/shct-church-list-2022.pdf) (Sponsorship form https://shctorguk.files.wordpress.com/2022/06/shct-sponsorship-form-20222.pdf)

and follow the instructions in the form. 

2          PLAN YOUR ROUTE – as many or as few churches and chapels as you like, wherever you like.

3          SIGN UP YOUR SPONSORS – JustGiving is the easiest way.  NB: please ensure you say which place of worship 50 per cent of your money should go to.

4          ENJOY YOUR WALK OR CYCLE RIDE ON ‘RIDE AND STRIDE DAY’ – At manned churches they will sign your form and give you a warm welcome.  At unattended churches you can log yourself.

5          AFTER THE RIDE – When you have collected your sponsorship money, please hand this over to your  Ride and Stride Local Organiser or send your total sponsorship money direct to the Ride and Stride Treasurer David Gould, by cheque payable to SHCT, ensuring that you clearly identify the church or chapel you wish to benefit.  David can also be contacted if you have any queries.  His contact details are:

            email:                davidngould6@gmail.com

            Telephone:       01473 253838

            Address:            7 Karen Close, Ipswich, IP1 4LP

Thank you!!! You have helped beautiful Suffolk churches to be repaired, restored or improved for future generations.

Message to Church and Area Organisers: We are now able to offer online banking for Ride and Stride payments. If you would like to use this facility please, when sending in the sponsorship money, include your church’s bank account details on the white remittance slip. Alternatively, phone the details to the treasurer on 01473 253838. 

SUFFOLK CHURCHES PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION  2021… some of our entries… thank you everyone. We loved seeing your photos!

One of the winning photos 2021
At Assington church ( by Derek Worrall)

Here are some more of the photos we’ve been sent from 2021 riders, striders and signers!

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