Congratulations to eleven Suffolk Churches.

At its January 2021 meeting the Grants Committee made the following grants-

St Mary le Tower church in Ipswich (photo provided by Simon Knot,

1 Somersham, St Mary £3,000

2 Homersfield, St Mary £9,000

3 Haughley, St Mary £1,000

4 Onehouse, St John the Baptist £750

5 Oakley, St Nicholas £6,000

6 Sibton, St Peter £3,000

7 Nettlestead, St Mary £10,750

8 Ipswich, St Mary le Tower £1,000

9 Stradbroke, All Saints £500

10 Combs, St Mary £2,500

11 Snape, St John the Baptist £5,000

(Total £42,500)

Churches and Chapels in Suffolk are welcome to apply for grants. Details are on this website.

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