Our oldest cyclist?

Norman Gregory and Norman Kelly

The oldest cyclist taking part in the annual Suffolk Churches Ride and Stride fundraising event is delighted to hear the total raised by the one-day event held in September 2020 was £175,000, the highest total for ten years.

“I have been taking part for thirteen or fourteen years,” explained 99-year-old Norman Gregory. “I cycle with my friend Norman Kelly, and we raised £4,500 this year, cycled 35 miles, and visited 12 churches. The sponsor money is for the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust and St Peters church in Cockfield, where I live. In total in 2020, I cycled 5,000 miles but this year it is only about 200 so far – but I have had a bit of bike trouble!”

The super-cyclist is one of hundreds of cyclists and walkers who choose their route around churches, on Ride and Stride Day on the second Saturday in September each year. Half the money raised goes to their chosen church or chapel, and half to the Trust which organises the event and distributes grants to help with church and chapel building repairs and improvements. 

“Having carefully considered the threat of Covid, we resolved to go ahead with Ride and Stride event last year, following government guidelines and strict social distancing,” said Patrick Grieve, the chairman of Suffolk Churches Ride and Stride.  “Most churches decided to open, although some were not manned. The response was amazing. Cycling and walking in the Suffolk countryside appealed to many and we raised the most amount for ten years. My thanks to all who opened churches, rode, walked and to those who generously sponsored them.“

The sister event, Pedal and Drive, for historic and vintage cars, raised £14,000 on the same day. 

“Well done the intrepid drivers, and a big thank you for their generosity too’’ said Geoffrey Probert SHCT Chairman and the organiser of Pedal & Drive. “All in all, a bumper year and one which will be welcomed by the churches who perforce have been closed for long periods with a resulting impact on their church plate. Of course, all the money raised will help us offset some of that by allowing the Trust to step up our grant aid for the upkeep of Suffolk’s wonderful legacy of churches and chapels.”

The next Suffolk Churches Ride and Stride, and Pedal & Drive events will be held on Saturday 11th September 2021. Details can be found on the Trust website http://www.shct.org.uk


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