Queens Jubilee and Festival of Suffolk Torch Relay

Is the Suffolk Torch Relay coming to your area? Have you got a ‘local hero’ who could ride in the rickshaw and carry the torch?

The Festival of Suffolk is having a Torch Relay, carried on its journey in May by selected community torch bearers riding on a rickshaw. The symbolic torch will tour the county from Fri 13 May 22 to Wed 1 Jun 22 to herald the start of the Festival of Suffolk and the celebrations to mark HM the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 

Suggested local heroes will be nominated by their community and it is hoped that all the towns and villages take the opportunity to celebrate and welcome the torch as it transits through their community. The torch begins its journey on the county boundary at Brandon and then passes through 250 towns and villages, a distance of over 550 miles before reaching its final destination at the Suffolk Show in Ipswich. 

Communities across Suffolk are invited to nominate worthy individuals to carry the torch. These could include local heroes or notable characters chosen in recognition for their service to the community. Most torch bearers will sit in the rickshaw and so it is suitable for all ages and all abilities.  Suggestions should be made to parish councils or via www.festivalofsuffolk.org

A small team comprising of the rickshaw driver and a support vehicle will escort the torch throughout its journey. The team will keep the torch on schedule and ensure the safe passage of the torch. Led by the Bury St Edmunds rickshaw team, the rickshaws of Framlingham and Stowmarket will also join in along the route.

There is an official route for Torch Relay https://www.festivalofsuffolk.org/all-events/torch-relay but it may be possible for the Torch to also go to other community events that are planned for the Jubilee celebrations and the Festival of Suffolk. Organisers should send the Festival of Suffolk team their requests via the website. 

The torch is currently being made in Suffolk  and the design is a closely guarded secret at the moment, but will have great symbolism for the county and the Queen. 

Further information on the Torch Relay and other Festival of Suffolk events can be found on the Festival of Suffolk website www.festivalofsuffolk.org

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